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Sundsvalls Oljehamn AB
Box 722

Visitingadress :
Vindskärsudde, Sweden
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Phone : +46 (0)60-12 31 80
Fax: +46 (0)60-19 35 07
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About the company


Sundsvalls municipal ports are general ports.
Sundsvalls Hamn (Port) is also a TEN-port Class A, which is a port for international shipping, whose traffic exceeds 1.5 M tonnes or 200 000 passengers per year and has intermodal freight connections with other TEN-ports.
Sundsvalls port is a port of national interest.
Sundsvalls port is also proposed to be the strategic port of Hamnstrategi investigation (Port strategy investigation) (SOU 2008:58).

Sundsvalls Hamn AB's mission

Sundsvalls Hamn AB operates in Tunadal harbor on behalf of Sundsvalls municipality. The mission conditions are regulated in a lease and use agreement with Sundsvalls municipality.

The mission includes:

- responsible for port operations (NOTE: stevedoring is not included in the concept of port operations).
- maintain and develop the infrastructure within the port area.
- work for the fairway, road and rail links to the port and make sure it has sufficient capacity and quality.
- work for the activities (i.e. COMBI-terminal) located in the port vicinity to strengthen the port's position.
- be responsible for coordinating the protection, safety, environment and working conditions within the port area.
- promoting the port.


Sundsvalls Hamn AB owns 85% of Stadsbacken AB and 15% of SCA Transforest AB. The relationship between the owners is regulated by a shareholders' agreement.


Sundsvalls Hamn AB was formed in 1918 through the merger of several stevedoring companies under the name Sundsvalls United Stuveri AB. Later the name of the company changed to Sundsvalls Stuveri AB. The company's activities were coordinated with Sundsvalls port management from 1993 under the name Sundsvalls Hamn AB. Since 2008 stevedoring operations have been controlled by SCA Transforest AB.


Port activities are covered by the Environmental Code. SHAB has AOC under the Environmental Code of activities in Tunadal harbor, Mokajen and Vindskärsudde. Permits are granted through LstY, and the overseer is Sundsvalls municipality Environment board.
The regulator for ISPS and port security is Maritime Inspectorate.
In addition to national and international laws, rules and conventions apply:

● Port facility for Sundsvalls Municipality
Valid in the general port areas in the municipality and the traffic regulations, rules governing the mooring, procrastination, transfer, notification, loading, unloading and design of goods, special police and liability rules.
The Port Director exercises authority under a direct mandate from the municipality.

● Gerneral rules and conditions
The Port Director provides general rules and conditions that are addressed to SHAB's customers and provides definitions, payment terms, injury management, etc. The price list also contains rules on pricing, etc.

Contain current safety regulations for i.e. loads of magazines floor, hot work, hazardous goods, etc.

●ISPS and port security rules
Rules concerning the fight against terrorism and violence.

●Tugboat Provisions and Scandinavian Tug owner's Standard Conditions contain rules on the obligation to hire tug resp. customer conditions.

Port facility

The property in the Tunadal port is owned by Sundsvalls municipality with the exception of the area in which SCA Transforest's office and parking is located. It is owned by SCA Forest Trans. The property where the engineering buildings are located is owned by Sundsvalls Hamn AB.

- Platforms (from south) depth at quay Max djg
• Gasol-o. kaolinkajen (62 m) 11.8 m 10.8 m
• Tunadal Harbor 0 - 220 m 12.3 m 12.0 m
• Tunadal Harbor 0 - 220 m tanker 11.6 m
• Tunadal Harbor 220 - 360 m 8.8 m 8.5 m
• Tunadal Harbor 360 - 660 m 9.1 m 8.8 m
• 1 RoRo-mode
• Korstabäckskajen 180 m 10.4 m 9.7 m
1 RoRo mode

- Stores and warehouses
• 9 magazines and 4 warehouses with an estimated 80,000 m2
which roughly 70,000 m2 is in SCA Transforest's possession.

- Customers / goods
• SCA Logistics AB: paper, pulp, sawn,
wood, piece goods
• Flogas Sverige AB: gas
• Imerys: kaolinite clay, stone crushing, chalk
• Nordic Storage: oil
• Shipping Companies:

Operators in Tunadal Harbor
Note, Swedish port tradition means that the port has no revenue directly from the operators (eg stevedoring) except for any fees and rentals of specific areas for the operator's individual use.

SCA Logistics AB
Marine Crane
Nils Nilsson AB
Green Cargo