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1. Hamnavgifter
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2. Bogserbåtsassistanser
2. Bogserbåtsassistanser
3. Övriga priser
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1.1 Ships

Prices SHAB valid from 1 January 2018

1.1.1 Ships not specified below, with an overall length 20 m or more per ton gross ............................... ................................... SEK 2.70

Note. For vessels with double tonnage charging is the highest gross tonnage. At the fee calculation for the tankers, whose gross tonnage is measured according to the international tonnage certificate (1969), offset the overall tonnage of the tanks that are designed to exclusively carry water ballast. The prerequisite for this is that the ballast tanks are in the double bottom and extends over the entire cargo compartment near the forward engine room bulkhead.

A further condition for such a settlement is that the ship owner or their representative can produce a port of Maritime Administration issued certificate, showing gestation rate for clearing only cargo tanks.

In cases where specific agreements reached on leasing the terminal, etc., the road-user’s application of the above provisions is not applicable.


In addition to the ship port charges in accordance with Sundsvalls current price list for the berthing of vessels, the following additions and discounts apply.

A special supplement to the founding tonnage ships port dues based generally on ships that do not meet any of the following criteria for discounts. The allowance amounts to a total of SEK 0.33 per unit of gross tonnage of a ship.


Passenger ships (ferries) that only use bunker oil with sulfur content exceeding 0.5 percent and 1.0 weight per cent for other vessels will receive a reduction on port charges of SEK 0.10 per unit of gross tonnage. For measures that reduce emissions of NOx discounts are based on two steps. Total emission of NOx is

- Up to 12 g / kWh rebate is 0.05 SEK per unit of gross tonnage of the ship.
- Less than 6 g / kWh rebate is 0.15 SEK per unit of gross tonnage of the ship.

The higher discount rate of NOx includes an installation grant for ships equipped with catalytic converters.


Port control for obtaining discounts is in accordance with the criteria from the Maritime Administration procedures.


For the agreement bound traffic in the port, it is expected that the environmental charges are included as a separate part of the agreement.

1.1.2 Ships mere arrival not belonging to the beach, wharf or pier in the port area or passing through the port's water area without the leave or retrieve of passengers or cargo of the charge in 1.1.1 and ......... ........... 60%

1.1.3 During the period December 1 to April 30 an additional charge will be given in addition to the fee in 1.1.1 and The additional fee is due to the operation of the ice-breaking boats. Price premium of .................... 100%

1.1.4 For more than 7 days in the port after the completion of loading or unloading is in addition to the fee in 1.1.1 and per meter of length over all, and started days ............. ....... SEK 3.80

1.1.5 Ships which dock at the port docks more than 30 days pay for each period of 30 days per meter of length everywhere .................... SEK 42, --

1.1.6 NAVAL, customs, rescue, school and Maritime Administration vessels per ton gross .................... SEK 1.40

Exemption from port charges can be granted in special cases.

1.1.7 Exemption from port charges for ships in the following emergencies:

1. when weather conditions reasonably jeopardize safe navigation.

2. in case of illness or injury that requires urgent medical or dental care.

3. to repair the ship or its equipment which is strictly necessary for the safety of the ship.

1.1.8 For vessels of at least 3 400 GRT based both on arrival at the time of departure the port charge of contributing to the ship's tonnage, if the ship to load or unload cargo, with a total TONNAGE less than one quarter of that TONNAGE ......... ........... 50%

Note. The calculation of the load to the ship's gross tonnage, a net registered ton is considered equivalent to a weight ton gross for goods in the ship's papers listed in weight and a m3 for other goods.

1.1.9 The Port may grant relief in the imposition of fees in each case, when the question is whether the vessel partially loads / unloads in several rounds inside and outside the port area during their trip.

1.1.10 For clients with ship traffic on at least 50,000 GRT per week annually and an annual cargo turnover through the port terminal of at least 1 million, special agreements on the calculation of ship port-based loading and / or unloading tons of goods can be made.



Sundsvalls Hamn AB will charge 0.56 SEK per tonne gross for receiving waste from ships.


Ships or shipping companies through various measures to minimize the waste on board can write special agreement with Sundsvalls Hamn AB, where the discount can be made on the part of the ship which is related to the waste reception. The discount or the system of waste minimization must not conflict with international or Swedish regulations.

Extra charge

An additional fee is charged for the additional costs Sundsvalls Hamn AB incur. They are as follows:

If the "Notification of delivery of waste from ships" is not completed in time according to the Maritime Administration regulations.

If the port did not receive notice of the content of foreign substances, solvents or detergents in sludge, or barrels and packages of oil an additional fee may be charged. Also, if hazardous waste is not properly packaged and labeled with the content or the delivery and assembly is done on the designated spot additional fees may be charged.

If delivery is not made at the agreed time.

If the vessel does not provide staff in the delivery of sludge.

If the pump capacity for the sludge is less than 5 m3/tim.



Ship / Company who takes care of disposal of sludge and other waste at its own expense, pay no fee. Authorization for this is required by the Maritime Administration.


Other conditions for the delivery of waste and information about where and how waste will be left can be found in "Operation Regulations of Sundsvalls Hamn AB Section 7, Delivery of waste."